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Beyonce Wanted To 'Show The Strength And The Vulnerability In Black Men' At The Grammys

This video goes behind the scenes of her performance.

Beyoncé's closing performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” at the Grammys last night was nothing short of breathtaking.

Dressed in all white, she looked angelic, and her voice was soothing to the soul. But as effortless as the “Drunk In Love” singer made her rendition of the gospel song seem, there was a lot of preparation that went into bringing her vision to the stage.

In a special behind-the-scenes video, Bey explains what the song, which is featured in the Oscar-nominated "Selma," meant to her growing up.

“The first time I heard ‘Precious Lord,’ I was a kid and my mother sang it to me and my mother played me Mahalia Jackson’s version and she sang the song with her eyes closed, she was a vessel and it was like God speaking, using her body to speak and to heal,” she says.

As a vessel, it was important to Mrs. Carter to have men who had been through real trials and tribulations onstage with her.

“I wanted to find real men that have lived, have struggled, cried...have a light and a spirit about them,” she says. “I felt like this is an opportunity to show the strength and the vulnerability in black men.”

We may be a bit biased, but from where we’re sitting, she accomplished that and more.