Watch This Guy Light Himself On Fire, Jump Off A 90-Foot Building ... And Live

Even the stunts are bleaker in Russia.

We know endless winter weather can make you do anything to beat the cabin fever, but one man in Russia went to an extreme to get his blood flowing. At least, we're assuming that's why he lit himself on fire and plummeted 90 feet into a pile of snow, because why else would you attempt this stunt?!

In the full video, the man can be seen teetering on the edge of the nine-story building, then he ignites himself, jumps off rather ungracefully and lands in a snowbank. Spectators dug him out afterwards, and he seemed a little dazed but pretty much fine.

And don't worry, if you weren't appropriately shaken, there's also first-person footage of the fall from his GoPro camera.

It looks like a pretty shoddy operation, not the work of a professional daredevil, and the Daily Dot reports he was arrested for the dangerous spectacle.

The point is, people of New England, don't get any ideas from this. Stick to partying with Patriots to get through this parade of blizzards.