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Kanye West Or Kim Kardashian: Who Wore A Velour Tracksuit Better?

On the Grammys red carpet, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian matched their cleavage. That's not the only ~fashun~ similarity between these two, though—Kanye took a page from Kim's style book and wore a velour tracksuit for part of the show. The obvious question that lingers is: Who wears a tracksuit better?

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Kanye changed from his velvet blazer into a similarly smooth look for his performance of "Only One." Once you put a velour tracksuit on you need to lounge in it, obviously, which is what Kanye did in the audience. He got comfortable in his maroon suit and his new Yeezy 3s.

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In the late-2000s, Kim was all about that velour tracksuit life. No matter the color or the occasion, Kim's preferred outfit of choice consisted of a matching jacket and pants. #LEISURELIFE, y'all.

So, who do you think wore the velour better: Kanye or Kim? Vote below!