Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Match Cleavage On Grammys Red Carpet

Who showed more sideboob: Kim or Kanye?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed up on the red carpet displaying their best assets. Kim wore a gold, chainmail John Paul Gaultier gown while Kanye wore an all-black velvet suit with no undershirt.


Kim was showing off her new lob, but thanks to her gratuitous slits in the front of her gown, her chest was a little distracting. It kind of gives off a Liberace bathrobe vibe, but she definitely looked A+ in it. She paired the look with a nude lip, metallic eyeshadow and a deep side part.


Kanye also showed off plenty of sideboob under his velvet neckline. All velvet everything. And are those cowboy boots?

Ryan Seacrest asked about the infamous Waffle House picture, to which Kim responded that they were sooo hungry after the DirecTV party that they were driving around, looking for good waffles and stumbled upon a Waffle House.

Recognizing the irony of mingling with us plebes, they decided to snap a photo. (Not exactly the same story Chrissy Teigen told ELLE, but hey, who can keep late night Waffle House trips straight anyway?)

Imagine walking into a Waffle House and seeing those four there? That would be hard to explain to your friends.