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Unlimited Right Swipes On Tinder Are Going To Cost You, Starting In March

How much are you willing to pay for the power of endless swipes?

A few months ago, Tinder announced some welcome updates as part of a premium service, including the ability to undo a left swipe (a.k.a. a rejection), as well as Passport option allowing searches beyond your geographic region. But what wasn't clear at the time was that if you wanted the power of unlimited right swipes, you'd also need to fork over cash for Tinder Plus.

The company has been reluctant to discuss how much the upgraded services will cost, but TechCrunch got a screengrab tip indicating that Plus may cost $2.99/month for a bundle of those features.

Beyond just making money hand over fist because they know users are slaves to the right swipe, Elite Daily reports that the purpose of the paid swipe limit is to weed out infinitely-swiping bots, and that it will take hundreds of likes before the paywall kicks in.

Tinder Plus is on track for a mid-to-late March rollout in the US. If you're scared about the Earth-shaking changes on the horizon, though, the app's new ad will make you feel all giddy and ready for action: