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Kylie Jenner Is Blonde And Generally Unrecognizable For 'Love' Magazine

No, seriously, like, we're not entirely sure it's her.

Issue 13 of Love Magazine is getting fuller by the day. There are the multiple Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne covers, the Kim Kardashian and Cara cover, the bleached eyebrow Kim cover, and, as appeared to have leaked, a new bare butt shot of Kim. Just when you weren't sure Love could possibly squeeze any more into the issue, Kylie Jenner tells us she's also featured.

And we'll have to take her word for it, TBH, because it barely looks like her.

In photo, shot by Steven Klein—the same guy behind Kim's eyebrow-free cover—Kylie lays on a bare mattress in Miu Miu and Prada. Her hair is blonder than usual, her eyes heavily lined, and her infamous lips dark. Like, black lipstick-dark. Who knew a bare mattress could look this stylish, you know?

Kylie shared a close-up shot which confirms that, indeed, despite the blonde hair and bangs, it is her. While her winged liner is just as thick as it is in the Love shot, her lips appear more plum than black. Actually, they're kinda ombre, a look we've seen from Kylie before—maybe she did her makeup herself?

There's still no word when this issue, which we've known about since early January (!!!), will be out, but we're anxious to see who else is featured. Like, Kanye must make an appearance, right??