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Kylie Jenner Takes Lip Liner to a Whole New Level

That level is ombre.

Kylie Jenner recently launched her hair extensions line but it's increasingly looking like she should also consider getting in on a lip liner venture. Seriously, is there anything Kylie can't do with lip liner? As her Instagram and non-makeup pictures have shown, she is like Michelangelo with a crayon. Kylie not only knows how to draw on entirely new lips, she now apparently can do it with an ombre effect.

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In a new Instagram, Kylie shows that there are no bounds for how big she can draw her lips. She's not bound to one color either—a perfect solution to wearing multiple lip colors at once without looking, um, bizarre.

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She paired her new lip look with a cat-eye, a veiled beanie, and a fish tail braid. Hello, totally perfect holiday party look.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I have some makeup skills I need to develop before Thanksgiving.