The Ellen Degeneres Show

Justin Bieber Gave Ellen Degeneres A Pair Of Underwear For Her Birthday

What do you get the daytime TV host who has everything? A pair of underwear from your Calvin Klein ad campaign, obviously. At least, that's what Justin Bieber did when he stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to wish her a happy "21st" birthday, and judging from her reaction ("damn!"), she was pretty stoked.

Even though Ellen is notorious for only rockin' her own brand of undies, she was more than happy to make an exception for Justin. Maybe she feels bad that he's about to get roasted big time on Comedy Central? Or maybe, like the rest of the world, she was just thrilled to be personally handed a pair of briefs by the Biebs. Um, who wouldn't want that?

While we can't be sure if his appearance on her show was photoshopped or not (LOL JK OF COURSE IT WASN'T), we do have to give it up for his first appearance on TV in a long, long while—he looked fine AF in his striped gray t-shirt and black skinnies. Well played, Justin. Well played.