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Nick Jonas Pulls A Kim Kardashian, Drops Pants On 'Ellen'

Ellen DeGeneres is doing God's work. Watch the clip.

This just in: Nobody wears pants anymore. Kim Kardashian greased up her booty for a magazine cover, Chelsea Handler pulled down her undies on Instagram and now Nick Jonas has decided to drop trou on "The Ellen Show."

If you're still wearing pants right now, take them off immediately. You want to be one of the cool kids, right?

The "Jealous" singer stopped by DeGeneres' show to guest DJ and flaunt his grown-up "Kingdom" body in a pair of tight black Ellen underwear. When propositioned by the host to take his shirt off one more time, Nick responded with an even bigger crowd pleaser.

"I'm done taking my shirt off," Jonas said. "However, I did get some really good underwear from you so I'm going to now take my pants off." To that, we say...


Better watch Nick's rain-soaked 2014 MTV EMA performance to cool off.