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When Will Big Sean Release His New Album? Watch This Video To Find Out

Dark Sky Paradise will drop February 24.

While Big Sean and all his friends got us talking about his upcoming album, Dark Sky Paradise, earlier today, they neglected to mention the release date -- until now.

The "I Don't F--k With You" MC announced the LP's release with a dramatically lit, eye-popping new video.

Fireworks, a young boy and a woman in tears? There's a lot going on in that album trailer.

Sean also posted an image to Instagram that confirmed the release date.

Some of Sean’s friends, like John Legend, also joined in on tonight's announcement.

It's been a big day for Big Sean, who also has a Complex cover story to be proud of. In the interview, the rapper denies stealing a Rolex from his former fiancée, Naya Rivera.

So, with that in the past, we have to wonder if 2015 will be as big for Sean as 2014 was for him and his current girlfriend, Ariana Grande. After all, last year was all about their romance.

With today's news, it looks like Sean's just getting started.