3 Awesome Potential Plotlines For The New 'X-Men' TV Series

Here's how small-screen mutants could set themselves apart from the big-screen franchise.

Today in exciting rumors about television shows-in-the-making: A live-action "X-Men" series might be in the works at Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Star Trek 3" writers Patrick McKay and JD Paynea are currently developing a script for the project, adding it to slew of Marvel-based shows currently in the works (or, as with "Agent Carter" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", already on the air.)

With no details available about the potential series, we're left to speculate about how a small-screen "X-Men" might play out, especially when the feature film franchise is going strong as well. Here are a few ways the TV show could differentiate itself:

  1. Make it a high school drama

    Although the "X-Men" movies made in the early 2000s spent some time at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the characters always eventually left the premises in order to fight a bigger, badder villain. But the drama of a bunch of mutant teenagers coming to terms with their powers at the same time as they deal with the general malaise of puberty could be a cool show in its own right, showcasing more than the usual suspects, and offering possibilities for prolonging the action over the course of several seasons.

  2. Make Jean Grey the hero

    Although we know she's getting some screen time in the upcoming "X-Men: Apocalypse," Jean Grey is one of the coolest characters on the X-team -- and while she's featured in previous films, her talents always seem to take a backseat to her romantic entanglements with Wolverine. Making her the central character would be something we haven't seen before. And speaking of the man with the adamantium claws...

  3. Leave Wolverine off the screen completely

    It's not that Wolverine isn't cool. He is cool! Which is why he has his very own dedicated series of movies and puts in an appearance in every single "X-Men" film. If the new "X-Men" wants to be really bold and different, they'll write a script that doesn't include him at all. Not even a cameo.