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9 Times Taylor Swift Improved An Awards Show By Just Being Taylor Swift

Swift's signature sass shows no bounds.

Awards shows are Taylor Swift's life source. She thrives on them, and she makes them more fun to watch. She gets to shake it off like no one's watching (even though everyone's watching), make celebrity best friends, pour her heart out, go crazy, and even throw a little shade. But mostly, she likes to dance. And dance and dance.

Sadly, Taylor won't be performing at the 2015 Grammys this Sunday, though she will be presenting. So obviously we're looking forward to all of Tay's quirky faces and her lively, emotive reactions to the show. Here are nine of Taylor's best awards show moments ever.

  1. Giving Justin The Tongue

    Cameras caught Taylor backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, cringing at BFF Selena Gomez's rekindled romance with Justin Bieber. With one GIF, she manages to say what a lot of people were thinking.

  2. 'Shut The F--k Up'

    When One Direction was presenting the award to Selena Gomez at the 2014 VMAs, Taylor was seen mouthing the words "shut the f--k up." Were they directed at ex-boyfriend Harry Styles? We'll never know.

  3. Self-Aware, Awkward Dancing

    Like I said, girl likes to move.

  4. Can't Stop, Won't Stop Movin'

    She really likes to move.

  5. Cry, Baby, Cry

    Her reaction to Selena Gomez's performance at 2014 AMAs was almost emotional as Sel's song.

  6. Live Fortune-Telling

    When Kacey Musgraves won the Grammy for Country Album in 2013, Taylor turn to Ed Sheeran to say, "I told you." And of course, the sassy moment (while good-intentioned) was filmed for all to see.

  7. Snatching What's Rightfully Hers

    Taylor handled this awkward moment at the 2013 People's Choice Awards with class. Taking Taylor's award had already been played out, Olivia Munn.

  8. Matching Justin Timberlake's Surprised Face With Her Own

    Justin couldn't pass up the opportunity to riff with Taylor as he was literally passing her on his way to accept an award at the 2013 AMAs. Tay, being the hilarious good sport that she is, played right along.

  9. Jessie J Can Count On Tay

    Because, if you're looking for audience participation, look no further than Taylor Swift.

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