Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Why Won't Taylor Swift Be Shaking It Off At The Grammys?

Alternate question: Whyyyy??!?!?!?

Our dreams are mere dust collecting on our broken souls today. Why? Because, it seems, Taylor Swift will NOT be performing at the Grammys -- and therefore our fevered fantasy that she take the stage with Bey (Tayonce, anyone?) for some kind of show-stopping, glitter-choked number is just that. A fantasy. (Not that Beyoncé has even been announced as a performer or anything. We just dream big, guys -- as one should.)

"Since my whole life is wrapped up and entangled in the planning of The 1989 World Tour right now, I’m not going to be performing on the Grammys this year. I need this time to focus only on the tour," Swift wrote on Tumblr this week, after trying to placate us by revealing that she will be handing out the award for Best New Artist.

That's all well and good, Tay, but couldn't you have at least hit the stage with Best New Artist nominee HAIM to give us a teaser of said upcoming tour? Perhaps you guys could do a Fleetwood Mac cover or something? Just think about it. Everyone loves Fleetwood Mac.

Swift was quick to assure us, however, that while she waits in the audience to find out if she's scored any of the three awards she's nominated for, she will be putting on a performance of some kind, at least: IE, she will be dancing. Like no one, everyone and each and every one of her BFFs is watching.

"I’ll be there having a dance party/rage fest in the audience," she wrote, plainly, and our minds were slightly allayed of their broken-dream-induced turmoil and catapulted into an infinite loop of the below: