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Zayn Malik Finally Reveals The Full Extent Of His New Haircut

Thank you.

Last week, Zayn Malik unveiled a brand new haircut, and while we were all very excited about it, there was one minor issue—we didn't have a full picture of the new ~lewk~. Well, it looks like Zayn heard our nightly weeping and decided to reward us with a side-view of his freshly trimmed 'do.

Oh, OKAY. While his hair is still long enough on top for a man bun—#PRAISE—the back and side are very short. Liiike his beard hair is way longer than his head hair?! His sideburns don't exist any more and, TBH, I can't imagine how this looks from straight-on. I bet it looks good, though, cause, um, hi, have you seen Zayn's face? Yeah.

One Direction's On The Road Again Tour kicks off on February 7, so Zayn will be performing with his new style. Considering how frequently he's been getting it trimmed, though, dude's gonna need to bring his barber on the road with him. Gotta stay fresh, you know?