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Long-Haired Zayn Malik Is Our New Favorite Thing

So many hairstyles, so little time.

When One Direction ended their "Where We Are Tour" on October 5, all the dudes laid pretty low for the next month or so–especially Zayn Malik. In fact, we didn't see him again until mid-November and, dang, our dude looked totally different when he resurfaced. All that R&R made his luscious locks grow super long, and since then, he's been rockin' so many ’dos we can't even keep track. Check out all the long looks Zayn tried out this month (and try not to fall in love with all of ’em).

  • The Center Part
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    When we first peeped Zayn after his hiatus, he sported a very '90s center part that gave us serious JTT chills.

  • The Headband Plus Man Bun
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    A couple days later, he busted out another '90s staple, the zig-zag comb headband, paired with 2014’s biggest hair trend, the man bun.

  • The Baby Bouffant
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    If you're looking for some hair inspiration, please peep Zayn's extra voluminous baby pony bouffant. *bows down*

  • The 'Cry-Baby'
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    At the American Music Awards, Zayn caused a Twitterstorm when he arrived sporting a Johnny-Depp-from-Cry-Baby-inspired ’do.

  • The Ol' Side-Swipe
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    Just a few days later at the ARIA Awards in Australia, he pulled out his signature sideswept bangs look.

  • The Double Ponytail

    When the One Direction crew visited The Graham Norton show (and talked about hair, nonetheless), Zayn pulled out a super unexpected double ponytail.

  • The 'Cry-Baby' Sequel
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    After his single lock caused such a stir, he revived the look again at the BBC Music Awards on Dec. 11.

  • The Super Slick Pony
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    For his most recent hair debut, he was spotted sporting a slicked-back pony at the NRJ Music Awards in France this past weekend.

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