Nikki Reed Tells Us If She's Down For The 'Twilight' Mini-Movies

The actress took a break from promoting Catdance to chat with us about "Twilight."

Hey "Twilight" fans, are you sitting down? Because we just caught up with Rosalie Hale herself, Nikki Reed, at the Sundance Film Festival, and the gorgeous former vampire told MTV News that she's ready and willing to pick up her fangs for those upcoming mini-movies that absolutely none of you can wait for.

"I would definitely consider [coming back], because I loved that period in my life," said Reed, who is in town hosting the adorable Catdance event. "You can’t go through something like that for so many years, and be a part of these films with a character that you grow to love, then say you wouldn’t revisit it. Of course, you would always consider revisiting that."

As of now, the plan is for Lionsgate, “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, and a panel of women in film to select five up-and-coming female directors to helm short films centered on the characters of the “Twilight” universe. Reed said she wasn't involved in the project as of now, but given her affection for the series -- and the fact that the films will be focused not on Edward and Bella but on B-characters like Rosalie -- anything goes.

"I’m not involved in it as of now -- at some point I might be, who knows," Reed concluded. "It was very strange closing that chapter... the whole cast, we’re all huge fans of the books, so it was so hard to let go and just know that that wasn’t coming back. When I heard it, I guess I heard about it five or six months ago, I just got a little giddy. Maybe it’s still lingering."

Maybe, maybe not -- but either way, we at MTV News think the idea of Reed returning to "Twilight" is a real home run.

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