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Welp, So Much For Buying Beyoncé Stuff On Etsy

But it's so creative!

Everybody loves wordplay. And everyone loves Beyoncé. And if you're getting married, you love telling people how you're about to get married. That's why these Feyoncé mugs are great. Get it? It's like fiancé except styled like Bey's name. You knew that.

@MyHomePlate/ Etsy

But according to TMZ, Queen B isn't too flattered that Etsy members are using her likeness to sell products. The singer's lawyers reportedly asked the DIY website to take down the items, and some were, but many more exist. Just do a search (and snatch 'em up while you... but you didn't hear me say that).

Bey has some dope merch as well, so we totally get why she would want to reserve the rights to her name, but look, here's some more cute stuff we found on Etsy!

@aNnMonograms/ Etsy
@carefullyworded/ Etsy
@Illuminidol/ Etsy
@MofEHome/ Etsy
@ohgoshCindy/ Etsy
@OhhSoSouthern/ Etsy