Beyonce Releases Brand-New Merch, And We Need It All


Beyoncé has many superpowers—waking up flawless, flying across stadiums, fighting off industrial grade fans with her hair—and now reading minds can be added to that list. Just as we were starting to crave new merch—seeing as we're all stocked up on Yonce school supplies, whether or not we're still in class *ahem*—Beyonce went ahead and dropped a whole new batch of goodies on the shopping app Spring.


Our Beyonce sweatshirt collection is about to expand. First, with this "Cake by the Pound" pullover. Like Bey's Surfboard sweatshirt, the new "Cake" one is a reference to one of the best tracks on her self-titled opus—and definitely the most high-fashion videos—"Yonce." You know, the one where she rattles off "And every girl in here got to look me up and down, all on Instagram, cake by the pound," alongside models Jordan Dunn, Joan Smalls, and Chanel Iman. That's the crew I roll with too, JK.


Second, there's a grey sweatshirt printed with a portrait of Bey, also from the "Yonce" video. You don't have to wear fishnet shorts, but that's definitely in keeping with the video theme.


Another new highlight is the Flawless long-sleeve shirt with three stars along the arm. If this isn't made for #selfies, I don't know what is.


Bey also came up with some new headwear because in winter, the only way to flex your personal style is through things that keep you warm. There's a Beyonce beanie and a Beyonce snapback with a scribbled rim lining.

Beyonce's Spring Shop is officially open, so be sure to download the app so you can cop all your new Bey-approved steez.

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