Liam Neeson Is Out For Blood In New 'Run All Night' Trailer


Liam Neeson tries to keep his son alive in the new trailer for “Run All Night.”

In the Jaume Collett-Sera-directed film, the "Taken 3" star is Brooklyn mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon, haunted by the sins of his past. Ed Harris is mob boss Shawn Maguire, who vows to come after Conlon and his son, Mike, after his son, Danny, is killed.

"It’s gotta be 15 years since I been in here," Neeson’s Conlon says. "The place looks different."

"All the old places look different now,” Harris’ Maguire responds. “I’m the only one ever cared about you... and all of that ended about an hour ago when you killed my son."

After their sit down, Neeson springs into full-on action mode, guns blazing in an all-out effort to keep Harris from killing his son or his son’s family.

As the traditional Irish song “Danny Boy” plays in the background, shots are fired, things explode, people fight and run and Common straps up to take care of business.

"Right now we’re the most wanted men in this city," Neeson tells his son. "You’ve got to worry about staying alive. I’m the best chance you’ve got. Listen to your father for one night."

“Run All Night” shoots its way into theaters on April 17, 2015.