Which Liam Neeson Badass Are You?

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Liam Neeson once again brings his particular set of skills to theaters this weekend with "Taken 3," potentially the final installment in the action franchise that brought global attention to Neeson's ass-kicking potential. Ever since Bryan Mills answered that first phone call back in 2008, there was no turning back from the truth: Liam Neeson is among the biggest badasses the world has to offer.

But Neeson, like ice cream, is a man of many flavors — badass flavors. Sometimes he's a street-level badass who wants nothing more than to find and rescue his family. Sometimes he's a sword-wielding space-knight badass who is kiiiiind of responsible for the creation of the galaxy's greatest enemy. Sometimes… well, sometimes, he just doesn't remember why he's so badass, but the fact remains that he's still a badass.

So, it's established: Liam Neeson is a badass. But what about you? Are you a badass? And most importantly, which kind of Liam Neeson badass are you? Let's find out!