Terry Richardson / Rolling Stone

Nicki Minaj's White Tank Top 'Rolling Stone' Cover Is Finally Out

You can stare at it for hours.

If there's anything we can learn from the history of Rolling Stone covers, it's that there's nothing more sacred to the magazine than a star in a white tank top. Since the '80s, the magazine has outfitted more than 21 cover stars in second-skin sleeveless white tops, and Nicki Minaj is the latest artist added to the list.

Though her eye-popping cover first leaked last week, today brings the official announcement that she's the face of Rolling Stone's January 2015 issue. And wowowow, Minaj has never been this low-key before, especially on a magazine cover.

Of course, even at her most casual, there's no sex appeal lost. Like none at all. The Terry Richardson-shot cover places Minaj in the world's most entrancing white tank top, ever, I'm sure. For one, it seems to defy gravity. Minaj is perfectly on the brink of supporting #FreetheNipple, but at the same time, doesn't seem to have any nipples?? It's a mystery there's no looking away from. (At the same time, it's not like Minaj is the first to be missing all of her, uh, lady parts on Rolling Stone.)

Terry Richardson / Rolling Stone

Inside the magazine, it looks like Minaj is styled in a way we're better used to: black lace and lingerie that nods to the all-lace catsuit she recently wore for "Saturday Night Live."

As for the rest of the spread? We'll be waiting patiently until the issue is out on newsstands January 2.

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