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See All 10 Outfits Nicki Minaj Squeezed Into The 2014 EMA

When we heard Nicki Minaj was hosting the 2014 EMA, we knew we were in for quite the show. While we were excited for what she had in store for us—no one saw a selfie co-starring a dinosaur coming, right?—we were more excited for her outfit changes. We knew, because Nicki, we could expect at least a few—we had no idea, though, that she'd deliver 10 different looks.

1. Sky-High Skirt

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Nicki kicked off the evening suspended from the ceiling in a sparkly bustier and long—I mean, very, very long—skirt from Peter Hidalgo. This mullet skirt might be having the biggest party (in the back) in all of the land.

2. Red Ruffles

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Not long after, Nicki emerged in this red number. If this look isn't giving you serious dancing girl emoji vibes, IDK if we can continue speaking.

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3. Sheer And Sparkles

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Nicki was then joined on stage by a dinosaur—I guess they're still thriving in Scotland?—and changed into a black floor-length gown. Oh, the entire bodice was sheer—there was just a v-shape of sparkles keeping things ~in order~ and TV-friendly.

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4. White Hot

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Then came this white dress from Roberto Cavalli. While some people may focus on the sheer skirt, I'd like to focus on how well the dress matches Nicki's teeth—who is your dentist, Nicki? I need to make an appointment ASAP.

5. Lots Of Lace

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For her performance, Nicki stuck with the sheer theme and opted for a totally see-through lace bodysuit. I do not know how she got into that thing in under two hours—it's so delicate! It is obviously also flexible, though, considering all the choreography she managed in it.

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6. Illusion-Inducing Cape

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Following her performance, Nicki not only changed her clothes, but her hair too. Her short hair lives on! When your eyes have adjusted to the new 'do, shift down to her hallucination-inducing dress and cape from Gareth Pugh. Where does the dress end and the cape begin? Is it all one great big Magic Eye game? No one knows. No one will ever know.

7. Selfie-Ready Short Hair

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She kept the short hair for her group selfie and swapped black lace for black and green sparkles. Sadly, we were never given a full-length look at this dress because a dinosaur interrupted Nicki's photo, and she got really, really angry.

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8. Ready For Golf


When it came time to show off her golf skills, Nicki changed into a very atypical look—a collared dress. Between the hair and preppy Alexander Wang ensemble, this is, perhaps, the most costume-y the new Pinkprint era Nicki Minaj has looked.

9. Final Sparkles

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Her Minajesty ended the show in a sparkly long-sleeve Saint Laurent dress that was vaguely reminiscent of the one she wore on the red carpet of the 2014 VMAs. She also returned to her long hair, but kept the bob's blunt bangs.

10. Pretty In Pleats

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While for most people nine outfits in two hours would be, um, more than enough, that is not the case for Nicki. She changed into a short, black dress and oversize green floral jacket. Once again, not a look that screams "Nicki Minaj," but if anything, the new NM is constantly evolving and, TBH, surprising us.