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7 Greatest Acts Of Celebrity Trolling In 2014

Doing it for the lulz, multimillionaire style.

From Taylor Swift's "no its becky shirt" to Rihanna's #R8 guessing game, here are the seven greatest moments of celebrity trolling that 2014 was kind/sadistic enough to bless us with.

  1. Drake's Lint Roller

    The Internet mocked Drake for whipping out a lint roller at a Toronto Raptors/Brooklyn Nets game in April, but the Degrassi Community School alum ended up having the last laugh. A week later, his hometown basketball team handed out OVO-approved lint rollers after the game.

  2. Jay Z's "Who Are You?"

    When some rando Euro dude asked Jay Z who he was outside the Louvre in Paris last October, America's king consort flipped the question right back at him.

  3. Rihanna's "Where Is #R8?" Starter Pack

    With the Navy all but readying their Life Alert bracelets for the moment Rihanna's eighth studio album finally drops, the "Pour It Up" singer shared a photo of Instagram's favorite grandma, @baddiewinkle, with the caption: "the 'where is #R8?' starter pack."

  4. White Chick-ception

    There were a couple of memes floating the Internet earlier this year that compared Iggy Azalea to Shawn and Marlon Wayans' undercover characters in "White Chicks." Perhaps to show that she had a sense of humor about her celebrity, the "Fancy" MC dressed up as one of the film's title roles for Halloween.

  5. Taylor Swift? No, It's Becky.

    Similarly, a popular Tumblr post paired a photo of Taylor Swift with text describing a girl named Becky who "snorted marijuana at a party" and died. The post was apparently so popular, that the "Blank Space" singer herself saw it and subsequently wore a shirt bearing one of the meme's key phrases.

  6. Beyoncé And Jay Z's Entire, Um, Summer
    WireImage/Kevin Mazur

    Less than a week after the #elevatorgate video hit TMZ, Beyoncé and Jay Z announced their joint On The Run Tour, which MTV News' Rebecca Thomas likened to a stadium-sized session of "couple's therapy." Clever PR or weirdly fortuitous timing? Whatever the case, Mr. and Mrs. Carter were all too eager to keep us guessing.


    In May, Adele hinted that her third album, allegedly titled 25, would be released by the end of the year. Or at least that's what most of us interpreted from this tweet. But whatever, because WE WERE ALL WRONG. Five months later, The New York Times confirmed that there would be no new Adele releases in 2014, and everyone was let out a collective "BRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."