If There's Something Cuter Than Marcel The Shell Singing Fleetwood Mac, We're Not Aware Of It

If you see her reflection in a snowwwwwwwwwww covered hill.

Marcel the Shell is the best. There's really no denying it. So when Marcel's human voice, actress Jenny Slate, showed up on "Conan" on Wednesday night, we found out some very interesting things about how Marcel helps her cope with everyday life in this gigantic world.

"I do [do the voice in real life]. I do it around the house... sometimes I do it when things are going badly," she said. "I'll spill something and I'll say [in Marcel voice], 'Ah, today is going to hell in a handbasket!'" Marcel can also be a tiny mollusk motivational speaker too, though.

And, strangely, Marcel is kind of awesome at covers. "I do a lot of covers... which is the biggest thing going on with Marcel right now," she said. In fact, her recent take on Fleetwood Mac's classic "Landslide" was so inspirational it brought Slate's husband to tears... and not just because he thinks she's crazy.

You be the judge.