Marcel The Shell Gets Stressed Out And Sings You A Song In A New Short

According to Marcel, shrimp are 'the idiots of the sea.'

Are you ready to have your day made? You'd best prepare yourself if you're not, because you won't have much of a choice in the matter after watching the latest short to come from our favorite one-eyed anthropomorphic seashell and his tiny clay sneakers, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

In this, the third video adventure of Marcel, he gets locked out of the house, confesses all of his secrets (shrimp-related and otherwise), expresses marvel at those who can eat an entire grape at once, sneezes, sings a song and more. It''s everything.

Marcel is, of course, the creation of comedian Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, a stop-motion wonder that stole our hearts with the first short that the duo made four years ago. Since then, Marcel has starred in two books (the second, "The Most Surprised I've Ever Been," hits shelves this week) and two more shorts, including the latest.

Slate told MTV News that a feature film starring Marcel -- with songs! A Marcel musical! -- is in the works. Call us shell-fish, but we just can't wait. Today's short, featuring Marcel singing "Perfect Day" because his best friend living far away makes him so dang blue, is the perfect preview.