In Memoriam: Say Goodbye To Jelena, Twerking And More In 2014

Adios, bye-bye, cheerio, deuces, God-speed, later, peace out, so long, and XOXO!

The New Year is just around the corner. But before ringing in 2015, let's pour one out for the things we lost ... and the things we'd wish would go away.

From relationships, to trends, to some of our favorite shows on television, we said goodbye to so much in 2014. Check out MTV News' most missed list by watching the video above and then scrolling through our pop culture obituaries below.


"Let’s pause to remember the most tumultuous relationship of this year: Jelena. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had us guessing all year about if they were or if they weren’t. But when Selena released her heartbreak anthem “The Heart Wants What It Wants” in November, we were pretty sure Jelena was no more … I think?" -- Emilee Lindner

Nick Jonas' Shirt

"Bye, Felicia!" -- Cory Midgarden


"We'll remember you as the pastry we still haven't tried because most of us don't live in New York and those who do don't wake up at 5 a.m. (which is about the time when the line begins to form outside of the Dominique Ansel Bakery where they are made fresh daily). The Cronut is survived by the next generation of franken-desserts that we'll soon forget about: the ramen donut, donut ice cream sandwich, and the donut waffle burger." -- Anu Valia

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

"Was it just us, or did romance actually die when Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose confirmed their split this year? They were one of our favorite couples -- thanks to their silly selfies, and endless mushy Instagram posts about each other -- but news of their divorce really rocked our world. Amber didn’t hold back on the details either. She publicly accused Wiz of cheating." -- Nadeska Alexis

Danity Kane

"Danity Kane, a chart-topping, five-piece pop group that disbanded in 2009, rose from the ashes as a foursome at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Unfortunately, after a small club tour, the untimely departure of Aundrea Fimbres and an in-group scuffle that led to the filing of police reports, the group was reduced to nothingness once more in August. At least ‘Lemonade’ is pretty good ... ?" -- Matthew Scott Donnelly


"This year we gained and quickly lost a mysterious social medium that would change the way we update our 'friends' about what’s going on with us. Ello had it all -- we thought. It was Facebook without the ads and big corporations, you could use any name you wanted, people could post GIFs ... so many options. Ello was invite only. Cool and exclusive, but also a little too insidery and so -- sadly -- we had to bid goodbye to Ello. Bye bye, Ello." -- Cory Cavin

"True Blood"

"After seven years of sex, 'Sookeh,' and more supernatural creatures than we ever thought possible, 'True Blood' finally said goodbye on August 24. Some aspects of the vampire show’s final season truly did bite — just ask Alcide — but overall, we were just happy to get that final sex dream with Eric and Jason. RIP, you beautiful shirtless bloodsuckers." -- Shaunna Murphy

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

"This one truly breaks my heart. The world will miss Nariah dearly (which is definitely the name I just came up with for them right now.) #Nariah4Ever" -- Rachel Paoletta

The Ice Bucket Challenge

"Oh, Ice Bucket Challenge. You burned but briefly in our lives, but you burned bright – which is ironic, as you were about the coldest experience known to man (or woman). It was a meme that encompassed everyone from the biggest celebrities, to your Aunt on Facebook … And like any meme, it got very annoying, very quickly. But unlike your regular internet cat or old repurposed embarrassing selfie, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a meme for a glorious cause, and one that netted incredible amounts of money to help battle ALS. Here’s hoping next year’s meme-for-a-cause is half as successful (and as cold)." -- Alex Zalben


"Twerking is probably the reason why 2014 became the year of big butts. If we're being completely honest here, nothing makes dat booty jiggle (and works out those glutes) like a good old-fashioned twerkfest. The word 'twerk' is in the dictionary now, which officially makes it a thing of the past. Twerking queen Miley Cyrus even retired from the infamous dance move this past August. RIP to the twerk." -- Deepa Lakshmin

Justin Bieber's Mustache

"This year, we said goodbye to a small, furry friend. No, it wasn’t a famous animal -- it was Justin Bieber’s mustache. Goodbye, old friend -- we hope to never see you again." -- Maeve Keirans

"The Internet"

"Kim Kardashian left jaws on the floor when she backed that ass up and hit us with her straight-up naked pics for Paper magazine. Everyone formed an opinion on these photos -- some loved them, some hated them -- but one thing is for sure, we couldn’t stop staring. But you know what? Kim K doesn’t really care what everyone thinks of her racy pics because she accomplished her goal: she broke the Internet ... for at least a couple of hours." -- Christina Garibaldi