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Um, Can This Emoji Of Ariana Grande's Face Please Be Real?

Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn has made it so... sorta.

From the dancing twins to the pink painted nails, we feel truly blessed for each and every Emoji the great Unicode goddess in the Cloud has blessed us with. Even the ones no one uses. Dragon's face? Open file folder? Airplane seat? You guys are OK too.

That said, we could use some additional options. Like, say, any black people at all -- or an Emoji of Ariana Grande's face at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Thankfully, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees kinda, sorta tackled the latter for us, tweeting a very special visual of the "Love Me Harder" singer last Wednesday (Dec. 3).

"My emoji for 'sitting down on a public toilet,'" he wrote, which, um, accurate. Can someone get on making this an actual, for-real Emoji? Please? Anyone?

Sure, the Arimoji (or is that Emojiana Grande?) isn't real yet, but you know what is? The 2014 NewNowNext Awards! (Flawless segue.)

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