It's Official: Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Are The Dancing Twin Emoji

By now it's already been established that Taylor Swift, worldwide singing superstar, and Karlie Kloss, worldwide modeling superstar, are not only the most adorable pair of best friends on planet earth, but they might also possibly have been separated at birth. To quote an eloquent phrase from my youth, the two of them could be "sistas from the same mista." Then, Karlie Kloss goes and posts this to Instagram:

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At first I looked at it, and I was all, "DANG THEY LOOK FLY AF," but upon closer inspection, I realized something even more incredible: Taylor and Karlie have successfully embodied one of humanity's most famous and beloved emojis, the dancing twins. Karlie said it herself in the caption. #CONFIRMED.

They're both in black leotard-esque clothing (admittedly a little more risqué than the emoji version, but whatever).

They're both blonde.

They're both having FUN.

If they ever decided to be this for Halloween, they would barely need to dress up. And since we know Apple is already preparing a middle finger for our iPhones, they might as well throw in some T-Swift and K-squared emojis while they're at it, right? Right.

Stay perfect, you two!