At Long Last, We're Getting A Middle Finger Emoji -- And 200 More

Still waiting on those hot dog and taco emojis, y'all.

Finally, finally, finally: A middle finger emoji is on its way!

We're so tired of being auto-corrected while lamenting that there's no "ducking" middle finger emoji to help us express our deepest text-based inner rage, and soon, we will have no "ducks" to give. None whatsoever.

According to Emojipedia, more than 250 new emojis will be added in July 2014 as part the new Unicode Standard update to Version 7.0.0. The new emojis will include the much-desired middle finger. Others include a garbage can, oil drum, rolled-up newspaper, shopping bags, that cute wind-blowing face thing (please make it extra-cute, emoji-makers), an Om symbol and many more greatly needed emoji.

There are even three different floppy disk emoji in the works! We have just one question though: What's a floppy disk?

While we're bummed that there don't still aren't going to be emojis for hot dogs or Miley Cyrus (essential. Essential.), and there don't seem to be any significant fixes to the keyboard's ethnicity problem (insert poopy face emjoi and frown here), at least we'll be able to send our moms a picture of a phone sitting on top of a modem, followed by a chipmunk. Moms love that kind of stuff.