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Jennifer Lawrence Is Kind Of A Pop Star Now Thanks To Her 'Mockingjay' Song

There's pretty much nothing she can't do.

In "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I," Jennifer Lawrence sings an eerie song called "The Hanging Tree," which was co-written by folk rockers The Lumineers. The song is included on the film's official score.

Singing was no easy task for the lady who plays the fearless leader Katniss Everdeen. JLaw told MTV News at the London press day for "Mockingjay" that she had "never sung in front of people or anyone and [she didn't] like that, so that was a terrible day" on set for her.

While singing might have been scary for her, fans are loving it. In the UK, "The Hanging Tree" is currently at number 29 on the singles charts, according to the Official Charts Company.

Here's Jennifer Lawrence telling MTV News about singing in "Mockingjay," and also, making out with her cast mates.

Well, looks like all that nervousness was for nothing, considering the song has started to actually chart. You have a good voice, girl! I'm ready for an album.