This Video Proves That Jared Leto Could Be The Perfect Joker

Listen to the laughs!

Few characters come equipped with higher expectations than the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, and Batman's mortal nemesis. He's been played to astonishing heights by actors ranging from Jack Nicholson to, most recently, the late, great Heath Ledger. How can anyone top those performances?

It looks like someone's about to try, as the new DC Comics movie "Suicide Squad" supposedly has a role for Joker, and Oscar winner Jared Leto is reportedly the man for the job. Does Leto have what it takes to do the Joker justice? The jury's still out — but there's no question that the man knows how to laugh.

Here's Leto cackling like a maniac in a NSFW clip from his 2009 science fiction film, "Mr. Nobody."

The scene, sent my way by reader New Beard, shows Leto's character under extreme duress, but in the face of danger, all he can do is laugh and laugh and laugh — just like the Joker. It's easy to listen to Leto's laughter and hear it pouring out of the Joker's smeared-red lips and crooked yellow teeth, isn't it?

Whether or not you're on the Leto-Joker train, it's about time you start getting used to the idea. Based on what the man told us recently, it's looking more and more likely that Leto is indeed our new Joker:

"Suicide Squad," with or without Leto as Joker, arrives in 2016.