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Diplo Is Still Trolling Taylor Swift And Lorde

Can't we all just get along?!

Diplo may be a grown man with a brand new baby, but that didn't stop the 36-year-old producer from going back to high school this weekend. While the Mad Decent boss' ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Lockhart, was giving birth to their second son, he was diving back into his beef with Taylor Swift and her bestie Lorde.

You might recall that Lorde suggested Diplo was hung like a baby carrot after Dip joked about kickstarting a push to "Get Taylor Swift a Booty."

So, Katy Perry's rumored boyfriend did what anyone would do in that situation, he slammed back at the 18-year-old singer and dissed her... immaturity, saying the tiny penis comment made him realize "she's a high school student."

And then he gave it one more, just for good measure and joked about how he was disappointed that there wasn't a Kickstarter to help him get bigger in the pants.

And... one more, titled, "New album cover : MY DICK GETS MORE HITS THEN TAYLOR SWIFT."