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Katy Perry Orders Pizza In Da Club While Partying With Maybe-BF Diplo

She loves pizza and maybe Diplo, but mostly pizza.

When Katy Perry is hungry, pizza must be delivered. KP was partying at her rumored boyfriend Diplo's show in Las Vegas on Friday night when someone brought in ALL THE PIZZA.

Katy -- in a brain-patterned two-piece and fishnets -- look genuinely delighted as she settled the pizza right on her lap.

Everyone else looked pretty stoked about it too.

Yay for pizza!

Katy can be seen smiling from ear to ear as Diplo does his thing on the turntables. Is that love in the air? Or just the smell of melty cheese and pepperoni?

This isn't the first time Perry's been pumped about pizza -- remember her 'This Is How We Do' suit?

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Or that pizza hoodie?

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She's not messing around.

Pizza is totally having a moment right now.