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34 Times We Fell In Love With Ryan Gosling, For His 34th Birthday

Hey, boy - happy birthday.

On Wednesday (November 12), the world will officially enter XXXIV -- which is fancy Roman Numerals for the 34th year of our Internet GIF savior, Ryan Gosling.

33 already gave Gosling the birth of his first child and his directorial debut "Lost River," so we've decided to up the game a little bit by giving him this collection of GIFs.

Without further ado, let's take a trip down memory lane, with these 34 moments that made us love Ryan Gosling:

1. When he shone his talent early on with "Mickey Mouse Club."

2. ... And also proved that he keeps good company.

3. When he showed us that he wasn't "Afraid of the Dark."

4. ... Or of haunted cameras, on "Goosebumps."

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5. When teen Ryan honed his comedic chops on "Breaker High."


6. When he finally moved on to the big screen, shaking his stuff in "Remember the Titans."

7. When he went full psycho for "Murder by Numbers."

8. ... Which included doing this with Michael Pitt.

9. When he went teen psycho for "United States of Leland."

10. When he did that film about notebooks or whatever.

11. What was that one called, again?

12. I remember that he wore some funny hats.

13. And Rachel McAdams was in it.

14. She was in it a lot, actually.

15. Eh, forget it. Moving on.

16. Remember when he was nominated for an Academy Award for "Half Nelson?"

17. If not, you should watch it. He was really good.

18. He also acted the hell out of "Fracture" next to Anthony Freaking Hopkins.

19. ... And made us wish we were a doll in "Lars and the Real Girl."

20. A doll or a bear. Either one works.

21. We really loved it when Ryan depicted the steady decline of a marriage in "Blue Valentine."

22. Yeah, this was torture.

23. Let's move on to "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

24. AKA, the movie that proved that the world was in crazy stupid love with Ryan's abs.

25. Abs for days. Too much abs for Emma Stone.

26. One might say she had "the time of her life."

27. Then there was "Drive."

28. There was less dancing for Ryan in "Drive."

29. But he had plenty of political fun in "The Ides of March."

30. ... And gangster fun in "Gangster Squad."

31. Which was great, because Ryan had no fun at all in "The Place Beyond the Pines."

32. Or "Only God Forgives," for that matter.

33. Oh well.

34. At least he'll always have... Oh yeah! "The Notebook."

Happy birthday, Ryan. Always be you.