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Thanks To Demi Lovato, The Vamps Have Silky Smooth Skin

Demi Lovato has already given the world so many gifts: her self-empowering habit of posting make-up free selfies, a set of pipes that makes us cry ourselves to sleep at night with jealousy, and most recently, the best fake "commercial" ever made starring the dashing members of British boy band The Vamps to promote her incredible line of skin care products. At this point we might as well just nominate Demi for sainthood.

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The "Really Don't Care" diva's choice to recruit The Vamps for her Devonne by Demi skin care faux-mercial was spot on, because the video is equal parts adorable and funny. They invited her to collaborate with them on "Somebody To You," so it was only fair for her to return the favor. Plus, any reason to see more of Demi is a good enough reason for us, ya know?

The boys are all, "Aw man, my skin is so dry!" so—naturally—Demi magically appears like some sort of skin care genie and lets them test out everything Devonne has to offer. Basically what we took away from watching it is that if we turn off the lights in our bathroom and repeat "My skin is so dry," in the mirror three times, Demi will appear and offer us free skin care products too.

Wait, what? That's not going to happen? *sigh*

Well, even still, if your skin is in need of some lavender-scented love, be sure to take a look at Demi's line.