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Demi Lovato Launches Her Own Skincare Line

If you've ever even glanced at Demi Lovato, you know she has flawless skin. She is the master of the no-makeup selfie, after all. Well, lucky for us (and our faces), Demi has just announced she's launching her own skincare line. I repeat: skincare by Demi Lovato. I know.

Devonne by Demi was designed for Demi's "on-the-go lifestyle," and includes a Hydrating Protective Mist, Deep Facial Cleanser, and Moisturizing Primer. Wait, use three products and I might have skin like Demi's? I will start bathing in primer, if necessary.

Devonne By Demi

According to the just-launched Devonne by Demi website, the products include the refreshing scents of lemon and peppermint, and the calming scents of chamomile and lavender. Anyone else tempted to drink this stuff? Just me? Cool.

The three products come as a monthly subscription for $29.99—you can sign up for it now, though you'll have to wait until December for the goods to arrive. The best part of all this exciting news, though—besides fresh skin, of course—is that a "subscription will support recovery programs for young women through the Lovato Treatment Scholarship."

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Looking good while doing good? We're so down with that—thanks, Demi!