WireImage/Noam Galai

Usher's New Single Can Only Be Found At The Bottom Of A Cereal Box?

It's gonna bee... awesome.

Back in the day, kids would tear through a new box of cereal to get to the (typically lame) prize hidden in the bottom. It sounds like Usher is trying to bring those days back with a new stunt to promote his latest single.

According to Billboard, "Clueless" will be available for download off boxes of specially marked Honey Nut Cheerios at Walmart stores across the country. A spokesperson for Honey Nut told MTV News that the song is an exclusive and is not slated for inclusion on the singer's delayed upcoming album, UR.


It's not the first time Usher has hung with the Honey Nut bee. Back in August, he released a "She Came To Give It To You" clip in which he danced (and shared nutrition tips) with the cereal's mascot, Buzz the Bee.