Usher's New Album Will Feature Drake, Ed Sheeran And Nicki -- Whenever It Comes Out

Ush is taking his time, okay?

Usher told fans to be prepared for the ultimate live experience when he takes his UR Experience show on the road later this year. And he's already hooked us with "Good Kisser" and his Nicki Minaj collabo "She Came To Give It To You."

Hell, at the 2014 VMAs last month he told us that Drake is also on the album, so we know it's stacked.

There's only one problem: as of Monday (September 8) the album, tentatively slated for release later this year, is on ice. The singer told Billboard that he's "taking my time" with his eighth studio release and that at this point, the "album isn't scheduled anymore." A spokesperson for Usher could not be reached for further comment at press time.

"The album isn't scheduled anymore. I've basically taken it back. I'm taking my time with it," Usher said. "At the end of the day, all of this is just about having fun. You get in the studio [and] go with how you feel." And while we have to wait to hear it, clearly Ush is prepping something major, as he told the magazine that he's "having fun" working on songs with everyone from Ed Sheeran to Pharrell, Diplo, Jermaine Dupri, Skrillex and Chris Brown.

As for what has caused the delay - besides the signer's stint on "The Voice" and his lead in the Sugar Ray Leonard biopic, "Hands of Stone" - Usher said he's just not quite there yet. "It's not about a specific topic or specific period of my life. I work on 40-50 songs in making an album," he said. "I haven’t finished the album enough to tell you what I'm talking about."

The 27-city The UR Experience tour is currently slated to kick off in Montreal, Quebec on November 1 and run through December 14.