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Looks Like Taylor Swift's 1989 Won't Stop Breaking Records Anytime Soon

She's still dominating the charts.

It's no secret that Taylor Swift has the biggest album in the country right now. 1989's first week sales—1.2 million to be exact—blew every other album release this year out of the water.

And whether it's teaching us the definition of "RIP Me" or earning comparisons to Michael Jackson from her peers, Tay has been completely dominating the conversation lately.

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But it turns out her first week sales aren't the only ones that will break records in 2014. Billboard is now reporting that her second week figures might shoot as high as 400,000 copies sold—which would still be the highest selling album this year if it wasn't for her own 1.2 million debut. Yup, you read that right, her second week sales figures are still higher than any of her competition.

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In fact, the closest album to 1989 will probably be a Now 52 compilations with a measly 60,000-70,000 copies. (Related note—they're up to Now 52?!?!)

So what's the reason why Swift has been dominating everyone else in such a big way? Well, a lot of it is certainly due to all the Swifties out there, who attended secret listening sessions, watched her big performances like when she wore pants on Jimmy Kimmel, and most of all, actually supported her by buying the album.

I'm sure Taylor will make it up to us by #taylurking even more and repping all her own memes like she did with the "Becky" shirt. In the meantime, I'll be listening to her next official single "Blank Space" on repeat.