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Jack Antonoff Just Put Taylor Swift On Michael Jackson’s Level — For A Good Reason

Jack also tells us how he and Tay celebrated.

With reporting by James Lacsina

When Bleachers' Jack Antonoff told GQ that friend Taylor Swift if the closest thing to Michael Jackson, people got in a bit of a "huff and puff." But he's sticking to his statement, telling MTV News that Taylor's first-week album sales further prove she's like the King of Pop.

"She's proving that she's that one person who stands above the rest," Antonoff told us about Swift, who sold about 1.2 million copies of 1989 in its first seven days. "And it's amazing when people buy art and buy music -- I get really excited. And for her to be doing numbers that people were doing 20 years ago is incredible."

And since Antonoff helped write and produce two songs off the record, how are they toasting to their successful tunes?

"We've been doing a lot of celebrating over text," Antonoff told us backstage at his Los Angeles Bleachers show. "It's just this exciting back and forth. I'm humbled by all of it. I feel humble to be a part of it. She always seemed humbled. It's happening. It's all wonderful."