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This Guy In A Wolverine Costume Knows The 'Single Ladies' Dance Better Than Yonce

I can't look away, his moves are ***flawless.

Remember the great memes of the late 2000s? Of them all, surely the greatest was the “Single Lady” dance parody video. Perhaps no other song and video has ever grasped the public’s brain stem with such vigor: Beyonce became a cyborg Helen of Troy, launching not ships but a thousand saucy waggling fingers in front of Photobooth cameras around the world.

There was the creepy clown one, the Joe Jonas one, the one where the woman falls off the table. It was the dawn of Youtube parody culture.

Elephants, as they say, have long memories. So do Wolverines, if this video is any indication:

Yes, it’s a man decked out in a full X-Men costume busting a perfect rendition of the iconic dance like it’s 2009. Despite amateur camera work, the video manages to depict one of the most viral sidewalk performances of Halloween night.

Extra points for the man’s ability to hold a cigar in his mouth the entire time, not even dropping when he performs the legendarily difficult “dip.” 'Yonce herself would be proud.

For a true throwback, check out our primer on “Single Ladies” history, with the scoop on how the Bob Fosse-inspired dance almost never happened. How's that for a terrifying Halloween scare?