Watch President Barack Obama Do The 'Single Ladies' Dance

'I'm not like Justin; I didn't put on the outfit,' the president told Beyoncé at the 'We Are One' concert.

The Obamas may not have gotten the highest marks for their slow dancing on inauguration night, but the commander in chief proved that he's got plenty of skills while greeting celebrities at the "We Are One" concert on January 18.

A video shot by someone in [artist id="1784962"]John Legend[/artist]'s crew and posted on the Vibe magazine web site shows a long line of star-struck and emotional stars giddily waiting in the cold to meet Barack Obama, among them: Legend, [artist id="980"]Sheryl Crow[/artist], [movieperson id="35938"]Queen Latifah[/movieperson], [movieperson id="82404"]Tom Hanks[/movieperson], [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] and [artist id="854"]Mary J. Blige[/artist].

"This is incredible, right?" Legend said looking out into the audience of tens of thousands who crowded around the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the all-star show. "It's overwhelming," Beyoncé added, as Legend encouraged her to "break into 'Single Ladies' right now."

Things got better a few minutes later, as Obama was giving warm hugs to B, Blige and Latifah. Michelle Obama walked up and said, "Mr. President, you didn't tell Beyoncé about 'Single Ladies'? Your rendition?"

The Commander in Cool laughed and said, "I'm not like [artist id="1231683"]Justin[/artist] [Timberlake]; I didn't put on the outfit," referring to JT's now-infamous "Single Ladies" turn in a leotard on "Saturday Night Live." "[But] I didn't want my girls thinking that I couldn't, you know ... I got a little something."

Doing a subtle version of the Beyoncé's hand gesture, the president joked, "this part I got." He then went on to hug Legend, telling him, "John, how's it going? ... You've been so great throughout the campaign. ... I appreciate it."