Things That Are Scarier (And Realer) Than Ghosts

Spooky and actually real.

This most spookiest of holidays, Halloween, has us thinking about what really freaks us out. Ghosts aren't not scary, but we've just discovered a few things that are even freakier. What's scarier than a ghost, you may ask? It's not babies taking selfies -- even though like woah. Um, how about all of friggin' nature for starters?

Yo, did you know there are spiders that can eat ENTIRE BIRDS? Oh, you knew and you're still voluntarily living in this world? That's cool. Cool, cool, cool, good for you.

Then how about Bullet Ants? Did you know about those? You know why they call them that? Because their bites feel like bullets. Like, what else? Why do they exist? Why are we on the same planet as them?

To learn more super-scary natural things you should definitely be afraid of, check out the video above.