Babies Taking Selfies Are The Scariest Thing This Halloween

Baby book photos will never be the same.

You thought zombies are terrifying? Nope! Well, not compared to babies taking selfies of themselves, like the above sassy toddler's duckface pic.

Thanks to a new line of toys created by graphic designer Laura Cornet, newborns can now upload the exciting happenings of their infant lives -- in the form of photos and videos, plus location and status updates -- to social media sites.

Laura Cornet

Cornet devised four toys, such as a selfie ball that, as you might expect, lets the baby take a selfie by playing with it. The ball also tracks the baby's movement (using motion-tracking shoes) and his or her location (using a pacifier with a GPS tracker). The photos and status updates are automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Laura Cornet

Cornet has a serious point to make about how babies don't have any choice in the matter when parents post their photos all over Facebook. "Nearly half of [newborns are] visible online within the first day after birth," Cornet writes on her website. "A lot of people didn't think of it as a problem...the baby has no say in it."

So, she's giving them a say -- even though they haven't said their first word yet.

"If the kid is at the babysitter, [the ball] can send pictures to your phone," Cornet told International Business Times. "It can be an alternative to a baby monitor or intercom. It can be used to see the development of a baby, even."

The toys aren't publicly available for sale right now, but they may be in the future. In the meantime, try not to question your faith in humanity.