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Kanye West Surprised Rappers At An Open Mic Event In New Jersey

You never know where he'll pop up.

Kanye West at a Mexican resident in New Jersey? Definitely doesn't sound like the sort of venue you'd usually finding 'Ye hanging out at, but this week he made a surprise appearance to support a family friend at an open mic event.

According to The Jersey Journal, 'Ye showed up at The Dopeness restaurant in Jersey City on Wednesday night, to surprise 17-year-old rapper, Jahmila Sandifer, aka Jay Hype. Sandifer is the daughter of one of Kanye's close friends, and reportedly regards him as an uncle who also happens to share great musical advice.

The restaurant's owner, Jon Scanlon, explained that Kanye stuck around for about 15 minutes and was very polite and friendly to everyone around. Sandifer obviously wasn't the only one excited to see him there.

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"It happened so fast and everyone was in shock," Scanlon said. "It was a 15-minute thing. I walked him to the back, he used the restroom. He came and gave her a big hug and a kiss, watched her perform, and he was out."

"It really set the tone and everyone had a Kool-Aid smile on their face," he added. "Nobody expected it, that a world-renowed rapper shows up out of nowhere. It totally hyped up the crowd for the night and it probably enhanced everyone's performance. He gave everybody life."

Sandifer also happened to be performing the song "K.O.W." (Kanye's initials: Kanye Omari West) without knowing that he would be there. Clearly, this was all meant to be. "Kanye is a very, very big idol in my life and I try to incorporate the stuff he does into my work," Sandifer said.

The weekly open mic session at The Dopeness only costs $7. You never know when seven bucks can get you a Kanye cameo.