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Kanye West Went On A Completely Different Kind Of Rant Last Night

Yeezy took a page out of Pharrell's book and got happy.

By Andres Tardio

When Kanye West goes on a rant, people talk. During his set at this year’s Life If Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas Friday (October 25), West explained why he feels it’s unfair when he’s criticized for expressing himself.

“This is the part that gets me in trouble,” Kanye West said in the middle of his set, according to Billboard. “Everybody has a right to their own opinion, so why do I get in trouble for speaking mine? It just makes me feel like the media doesn’t want anybody to express no real motherf---ing opinions.”

“I think I’m just lazy,” West added. "When you have to put up some kind of facade, you have to think a lot about what the lie is. F--- that, I’d just rather tell the truth. But the media wants you to think I’m a bad guy. Like bad in the same way as people who kill other people.”

While he may believe that the media portrays him negatively sometimes, we’re glad to hear that Kanye West just wants to let us all know how happy he is.

“Y’all just have to understand how happy I am right now in all actuality,” West said. “I’m just happy to see my daughter’s first smile and how happy I am to see my beautiful wife, who is here with me, and we’re going to celebrate her birthday again at Tao tonight.

Some parts of this rant echo what West recently said at Teyana Taylor's album listening event when he claimed people try to attack him for his expressive rants. View Kanye's Teyana speech below.

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