Watch 2 Chainz Test Out Speakers That Probably Cost More Than Everything You Own

'It's 260 bands!'

Ever wondered what $260,000 sounds like? Sure you have! Well, 2 Chainz found out during the latest installment of his GQ web series, "Most Expensivest Sh-t."

Mr. “It’s Mine, I Spend It” hooked up with speaker outfit Der Vorverstärker to preview their top-of-the-line MBL stereo system, which just happens to come in Tity Boi’s favorite colors: black and gold.

"These look like Versace glasses," Chainz said.

Chainz fell in love with the system's regal color scheme, but the sticker price threw him for a loop: “It’s 260 bands!"

The handmade system is meant for home use, but can easily be used on a yacht or private plane. The rub? The wires cost extra, somewhere in the neighborhood of $200k.

“It’s not wireless for $260?” Chainz asked. Apparently not.

After listening to his own music on the system, the "Feds Watching" rapper put in his order for the $70,000 speaker to start out with.

Copping a quarter-million-dollar sound system is just another lavish day in the life of Tity Two Necklaces, but what was it like when he had to buy the “Most Brokest Sh-t?”

“I pulled out the whip and dropped the top, I’m just feeling myself,” the rapper told MTV News during last week’s Def Jam 30th anniversary concert in New York.

“I go over to my homie’s house — his mom’s house — they don’t even know I’m coming. So, I go in the crib, they’re like, ‘Oh, let me get my hair together! Let’s take pictures.’ The offered me dinner, I said yes.”

“They said, ‘Yo, Tit, do you remember when you used to eat bread and Kool-Aid all the time?’” he continued. “It was one of them moments where I had to reflect on how I had the big glass of the sugar Kool-Aid, and I had the bread on top, and that would be my holder. And I’d take the bread off, dip it in the Kool-Aid, eat it. But it was almost because we wasn’t eating like that.

"That made me remember really where I came from.”