2 Chainz's 'Feds Watching' '80s Reggae Vibe: Pharrell Breaks It Down

'It's that '80s ska, reggae, glass-of-wine type of feel,' Pharrell details his production on 2 Chainz's new single.

2 Chainz's sophomore album doesn't have a title just yet, but it already boasts the new summer anthem "Feds Watching," thanks to a Pharrell assist on the beat. On Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," the multi-hyphenate producer revealed that he and Chainz had been in talks to link up for a while and finally got the chance right after the Grammys, when Williams went straight to the studio in his tuxedo.

"He had a room full of all his folks and they were all in the zone," Pharrell recalled, explaining the atmosphere he walked into. "I [was] absorbing the air and the vibe, the tone, the pacing because everybody there was pretty much on a similar page. Immediately I started working on what that [vibe] felt like to me and that there's where the loop of the beat [came from].

"It's that '80s ska, reggae, glass-of-wine type of feel. I just put the drums up under it and it just happened that way," he said of the end result, which Chainz debuted on Sunday in New Jersey for the lucky Hot 97 Summer Jam crowd before officially releasing it 24 hours later.

To paint a more colorful picture of the scene, Pharrell added that 2 Chainz gave his nod of approval during the session by throwing out a few of his popular ad-libs ("truuu") while listening. "You feel him in his zone," Pharrell says. "He laid his first verse and at the very end he said 'Feds Watching'-- I was like, you have to go with that! So he went in and put down the chorus and it was amazing."

"2 Chainz is a natural and he's always been that. I'm just happy for him because when the opportunity presented itself for him to move forward and go he snatched it and he hasn't let it go yet."

The Def Jam rapper's sophomore album is currently scheduled to drop on September 10, which gives him the chance to celebrate his birthday and LP release in the same week.