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Miley Cyrus Covered Her Body In, Like, 100 Googly Eyes


Miley Cyrus may have given up twerking, but her days of making arts and crafts are still going strong. The mastermind behind New York Fashion Week's bead-and-bong heavy "Dirty Hippie" art exhibit wore a flesh-colored bodysuit decked out in colorful googly eyes on stage during her latest performance, proving once again that when it comes to a hot glue gun, no one does it better than Miley.

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The "Wrecking Ball" singer's BFF and Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne even got in on the fun, sticking a few colorful plastic eyes on his face. Between Wayne and all the eyes on her outfit, I guess Miley doesn't have to worry about anyone watching her back, amirite?! #ZING

Side note: if you are still looking for Halloween costume inspiration, this outfit could totally be the answer to your prayers.

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Hit up your local craft store and buy approximately a billion googly eyes, stick them on that old nude bodysuit you have lying around (what? Just me?), and you'll be good to go. Maybe Miley will even show up to trick or treat with you while wearing colorful DIY necklaces made of neon beads and air fresheners for your car? Lawd knows stranger things have happened in the Mileyverse.