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Lazy Halloween Costumes For Those Of Us Who Can't Be Bothered

It's crunch time, people. Halloween is less than a week away, and chances are—especially if you're anything like me—you're entirely unprepared and, uh, lazy. If you need a costume fast, look no further than the following eight suggestions, which will provide you a costume in no time and, LBR, minimal effort.

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A Unicorn

Urban Outfitters

You put this mask on and suddenly you're not yourself—you're a mythical animal. You don't have to do your makeup or hair and can wear anything you want since unicorns don't exist in the real world, so, good luck to anyone who tries to tell you your costume is inaccurate.

+ Unicorn Mask: Urban Outfitters ($32)

A Glasses-Wearing Cop

Spirit Halloween

Oh, you want to be transformed into a law official in .2 seconds? Done. You, unfortunately, are going to have to wear glasses on Halloween, but don't worry, they're fake—your vision remains as it is naturally. This set also makes it possible to grow facial hair in .2 seconds, so, Justin Bieber, if you're reading this: This is the costume for you, bb.

+ Police Sun Staches: Spirit Halloween ($10)

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Jabba The Hutt


This costume is, no joke, perfection. Hi, you don't have to do your hair or makeup or pick an outfit. It's actually more authentic if you have food remnants all up on your chest. And, if you live in a cold climate, you don't need to bring a jacket out like a dweeb.

+ Jabba The Hutt: Target ($50)



Going as a pumpkin on Halloween is #meta as hell. Also, pumpkin spice lattes are having a mayjah moment right now, so you could carry around a Starbucks cup with you if you wanted to get clever about it.

+ Pumpkin Mask: ASOS ($15)



Bacon is good. Pretty much everyone loves bacon. This costume takes care of your hair and outfit, so throw it on and ta-da, you're the most popular food in the U.S.A. Congrats 2 you.

+ Bacon Costume: Target ($30)

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Minnie Mouse


While these ears may not cover your entire body, they're part of a costume that can turn into a normal outfit in, like, one second. Sometimes you don't want to be dressed as Jabba The Hutt all night—you're a fool, JK—and these are an easy accessory to throw on and off as you see fit.

+ Mouse Ears: ASOS ($19)

An Emoji

Emoji Masks

I was an emoji last year—before emoji masks even existed, OK?—and it was the best. You can wear whatever you want because these emojis don't have bodies attached and, again, put 'em on and take 'em off as you please. If you have friends who are equally as lazy, you can all wear different masks. A group of traveling emojis = perfection.

+ Emoji Masks: Emoji Masks ($15)

A Dinosaur

Urban Outfitters

Outfit? Check. Warmth? Check. Hair? Check. Costume you can wear throughout the winter on, like, regular days? Check. Onesies are forever in style and a ton of different animals are available, so you have options. This dinosaur one, though, also allows you to call yourself Barney, if you're in the mood.

+ Dinosaur Onesie: Urban Outfitters ($80)